How much does scuba gear cost?

Many new scuba divers are not sure whether they need to buy the scuba gear or not. There are several reasons why many people decide to buy their own equipment rather than renting it. If you plan to make less than seven dives annually, you probably don’t have to buy scuba gear. How much does scuba gear cost? The scuba equipment is quite expensive and it also consumes plenty of space and needs to be properly protected and maintained when not in use. However, using your own diving equipment is almost always better than renting it. Let’s lean the scuba gear prices.

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The essentials

You must properly select the suit as it must fit you when it comes to the size and design, as well as the thickness of the neoprene foam layer required for the optimum thermal protection. Wet scuba diving suit prices range from 70 USD to 650 USD, while the dry suits are much more expensive and start from 850 USD.

Mask prices range from 50 to 250 USD. If you are a beginner, make sure you pick a clear-glass mask as it affects your comfort level. The most important thing: make sure your mask perfectly fits you.

Snorkel prices vary from 30 to 100 USD. As you will probably not use it too much, you don’t need to spend a fortune on this piece of equipment. Get a simple one for 30 USD.

Comfortable and functional fins are important for your scuba diving performance. Pay between 75 and 200 USD for the fins.

The necessary upgrade

The BC is a very important part of your equipment and this is exactly what you should invest in. You can find a good BC for as low as 350 USD, but there are also models whose price exceeds 1,000 USD. Ask for a piece of advice before you buy your BC.

Breathing regulators are usually high-quality pieces of equipment and it is rather hard to make a mistake with BC. Prices range from 220 USD to more than 1500 USD.

Don’t buy the most complicated one. Get a user-friendly dive computer for as low as 300 USD or a more advanced one according to your needs. Those cost up to 1,400 USD.  If you are wondering how much does scuba gear cost? Then the average price is as low as 1,000 USD.