How much does scuba gear cost?

How much does scuba gear cost?

Many new scuba divers are not sure whether they need to buy the scuba gear or not. There are several reasons why many people decide to buy their own equipment rather than renting it. If you plan to make less than seven dives annually, you probably don’t have to buy scuba gear. How much does scuba gear cost? The scuba equipment is quite expensive and it also consumes plenty of space and needs to be properly protected and maintained when not in use. However, using your own diving equipment is almost always better than renting it. Let’s lean the scuba gear prices.

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The essentials

You must properly select the suit as it must fit you when it comes to the size and design, as well as the thickness of the neoprene foam layer required for the optimum thermal protection. Wet scuba diving suit prices range from 70 USD to 650 USD, while the dry suits are much more expensive and start from 850 USD.

Mask prices range from 50 to 250 USD. If you are a beginner, make sure you pick a clear-glass mask as it affects your comfort level. The most important thing: make sure your mask perfectly fits you.

Snorkel prices vary from 30 to 100 USD. As you will probably not use it too much, you don’t need to spend a fortune on this piece of equipment. Get a simple one for 30 USD.

Comfortable and functional fins are important for your scuba diving performance. Pay between 75 and 200 USD for the fins.

The necessary upgrade

The BC is a very important part of your equipment and this is exactly what you should invest in. You can find a good BC for as low as 350 USD, but there are also models whose price exceeds 1,000 USD. Ask for a piece of advice before you buy your BC.

Breathing regulators are usually high-quality pieces of equipment and it is rather hard to make a mistake with BC. Prices range from 220 USD to more than 1500 USD.

Don’t buy the most complicated one. Get a user-friendly dive computer for as low as 300 USD or a more advanced one according to your needs. Those cost up to 1,400 USD.  If you are wondering how much does scuba gear cost? Then the average price is as low as 1,000 USD.

Ideal places to enjoy scuba diving in Bali

Ideal places to enjoy scuba diving in Bali

Bali has become one of the most popular and sought destinations for the scuba divers. People from different parts of the world visit Bali to enjoy the water activities. Well, if you are looking for best place to go diving in Bali with your family then you are on the right track because Bali offers lots of opportunities to enjoy scuba diving.

Before visiting the place it is necessary to gather more information about diving areas, foods, hotels and more. After gathering more information it will be easier for you to enjoy scuba diving in Bali, especially if you are from another country and visiting Bali first.

Nusa Penida

This is the most sought after scuba diving sites in Bali. If you are looking for best place to go diving in Bali, this place should come first on your list. This exciting diving site is located at the 20km distance on the southeast coast of Bali. One of the most popular reasons that the divers like the place is the pelagic like Mola Mola. This place is also good for drift diving. Nusa Penida is a beautiful place to enjoy with your family and friends and here you will get the places like Pura Ped, Toyapakeh, and Crystal Bay. But scuba diving can be challenging but exciting here so it is recommended that the experienced divers should visit the place only.

Manta Place

This is a frequently visited site for scuba diving in Bali. The divers can get a good chance to see the Manta Ray almost every time of a year. You will find the place on the south-west of the Nusa Penida. If you are planning to visit the best place to go diving in Bali, then it is necessary to keep in mind that it should be challenging and you need to have the proper training and gear to enjoy diving here. The reason of the difficult diving condition of the area is the influence of the ocean on its south zone.

Padang Bai

Nice and easy diving can be found in Padang Bai, but the currents can pick up very suddenly even in this place. This place can be a lifetime experience for you because you may see white tip reef sharks, turtles, leaf scorpionfish and even the pygmy seahorses in this place. In addition, a host of the nudibranchs can be seen here.

Best scuba blogs

Best scuba blogs

The ocean covers 71% of the Earth’s surface. This means that if you are keen on adventure travel, you really have to dive every now and then. All jokes aside, there is a whole world with various kinds of animals, plants and amazingly beautiful colors, a whole new way of life waiting for you to discover it. Check out these incredible scuba diving blogs if you would like to learn more about it, fall in love with it or if you are already a professional who wants to stay in touch with people who love diving and share their under water experience with the world.

Photography-based scuba blogs

I personally agree that a photo is worth a thousand words. I prefer photography-based blogs, as seeing the flora, fauna, the general atmosphere, colors and the scenery are the very best triggers for me when I am deciding on my next diving location. I would recommend the Dive Photo Guide with their amazing high-quality photos. They constantly bring something new and surprising. My second favorite photo-blog is the Cold Water Diver. This is not the typical photo blog, but they have some great, well-organized galleries which helped me pick some of the best diving destinations I’ve been to. You will simply love the ease of their blogging and the often updated gallery.

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Story-based scuba blogs

Even though I prefer the photo-based ones, every once in a while I get the urge to read some good diving stories. I often come across incredible testimonials and facts important for every diver. One of my favorite story-based blogs is the Underwater Times. They have two sections: Breaking News and Top Stories. I enjoy reading both of them as quality writers share updated information daily. Another good story-based blog I recommend is Deeper Blue. I love it because they are science-oriented. You can learn everything you need to know on the health benefits of diving, decompression sickness, avoiding tragedies while diving etc. They often recommend the best books on scuba diving as well. My third choice when it comes to the story-based ones is The Diving Blog. Their posts are not too long, I never get tired reading them and the concept resembles the tips and tricks, problem-solving blog format.

There are a few more blogs I sometimes visit, including the Bierman’s, Diver Daily and Divedozzi. You can read always interesting personal experience stories, funny stories, warnings, as well as tips on high-quality equipment.

How much does a good snorkel set cost?

How much does a good snorkel set cost?

The magic of snorkeling is well-known to those who enjoy this sport for years. Once you try snorkeling, you will come back to it again and again, as you will fall in love with the ease, beauty and addiction this sport creates. Snorkeling is the simplest and easiest way to get in touch with the underwater world. You don’t need complicated snorkel equipment sets. A good snorkel set consists of a snorkel mask, fins and a snorkeling suit. Everyone who is planning to engage with this beautiful activity wonders: How much does a good snorkel set cost? Read on and find out what the 2018 snorkel set prices are.

Price range of good snorkel sets 

If you want a decent snorkel set, be ready to invest at least 50 USD for a three-piece set consisting of a snorkel mask with the snorkel, fins and a waterproof bag. Better sets include panoramic view masks, hypoallergenic masks and a more professional snorkel. Such sets can be bought for as low as 87 USD. Adjustable fins, open heel fins, advanced masks for better views and dry top snorkel sets increase the set price for the additional 10 USD.

How much does a professional snorkel set cost?

Professional snorkel sets have a somewhat higher price range. You can get a professional or an advanced snorkel set for 140 USD. More expensive sets cost 300 USD. Its advantages include soft, super-grip silicone mask with extra wide views, extra-easy use snorkel with a silicone finish and ample airflow bore, as well as specially designed fins. The fins increase the hydrodynamics of the user due to its specially engineered twists in shape and revolutionary materials. Some of these sets include comfortable wetsuit boots.

Most of the snorkeling equipment sets does not include snorkeling suit. However, professionals prefer to have a good snorkel suit as well. Snorkel suit prices range from 80 USD to 400 USD for the professional suits. According to this, snorkel mask, snorkel, fins, boots and suit set prices range from 200 to 700 USD.

The answer to the “How much does a good snorkel set cost?” question depends on your wishes and needs. Amateurs should invest at least 50 USD for a decent snorkel set consisting of the fins, mask and snorkel. The advanced ones should pay at least 140 USD for a more professional set of equipment.

Where can you dive to see seahorses?

Where can you dive to see seahorses?

Diving is a very interesting sport where people jump into the seawater to discover the wonder of the sea. Seahorses are magical and mystic creatures. They have a monkey tale and a head like a horse. A skin color keeps changing like a chameleon. They are able to camouflage in their surroundings.

although diving is a cool way to see them they can also be seen from above the water using a kayak or an inflatable SUP.

Best places to go diving

Where can you dive to see seahorses and enjoy the magic of nature?

El Nido, Philippines: If you are new and do not know where can you dive to see seahorses, this place is considered one of the best places for it, and diving in general. It has stunning beauty and wonderful dive sites.

El Quseir, Egypt: It is another great answer to the question where can you dive to see seahorses. It is an ancient town in Egypt, located on the red sea. It is a resort that attracts tourists for its amazing beaches, crystal waters and reefs.

Elba Island, Italy: It is the largest island in Tuscany, on the Mediterranean Sea, famous for its sand beaches and marine life.

All of these places are full of various types of seahorses and other sea creatures.

Places you can dive to see seahorses

Where you can dive to see seahorses includes several places, some of them are:

Wakatobi Dive Resort, Indonesia: Pygmy seahorses are the habitats of this place. They are about 2.7 centimeters long. They are the most seen kind of seahorses in this area, where they live on the coral reefs of Wakatobi’s underwater.

Raja Ampat, West Papua: The world’s smallest seahorse Satomiae live in this place, they reach up to 1.4 centimeters long, it’s a nightly creature and is very active. They have a small black dot between the eyes. The most common colors of Raja Ampat seahorses are white and red.

Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea: Diversity of seahorses is found in this place. They are found in shallow sandy banks, mangroves, seagrasses, coral reefs, and even deep waters.

Lembeh Strait, Sulawesi: Many Denise’s pygmies are found in that area, however, divers are asked not to touch seahorses there.

Solomon Islands: It’s a destination for while colored seahorses, however, they shelter from direct sunlight.

The pleasure to choose your dive location to see seahorses

Seahorses are a diver’s best friend. It swims slowly so a diver can watch it fully. Seahorses are spread across the oceans, many places to find those tiny creatures. They have distinguished habits, making a pleasure for divers and researchers to study them deeply.

Threats around diving to see seahorses

All sites where you can dive to see seahorses are magical, however, there are some threats around diving. Some seahorses have tricky tails and they can change colors very frequently to camouflage themselves from any danger. Some seahorses are poisonous. They also have very uncommon breeding habits. Some seahorses are harassed by divers being around.

Where to Get the Best Scuba Diving Experiences in Ontario Province

Where to Get the Best Scuba Diving Experiences in Ontario Province

Ontario is one of the lovely province in Canada and it is the most popular tourist destination in the world simply because it has a variety of places where you can do the scuba diving that you may never forget in your lifetime. However, someone will ask; what is scuba diving? Basically scuba diving is a type of you can as well as refer to is a mode of diving where you carry your own breathing aid under water with the aim of ensuring that your stay under water allows your more time to explore the ocean bottoms.

Best scuba diving in Ontario that you can accrue diving fun from

There are a number scuba diving places, site or even resorts which will allow you to enjoy your visits while in Ontario. The first one among these places is the Signature Scuba Diving. There are number of things that makes this place the best diving place in Ontario. First, they are not too quick to make sales but they first show you their hospitality and the staff here always not in a hurry to make you make an order. However, from what I saw the other time I went there for diving, they always give someone an ample time to choose what they want in terms of packages before making a payment. There is an extensive order in which things are supposed to be done here.

The Scuba schools of America is another scuba diving place that deals with offering services and the best scuba tanks related to scuba diving in Ontario. It is actually a school where you can be taught how to dive rather than how to solve tough math questions. Considering that it is a school, you are assured of the best diving facilities and equipment. There are highly trained instructors and the staff have a top knot kind of hospitality. This is what you will never forget as far as scuba diving in Ontario is concerned.

There is also the Pacific Dive Training in Ontario where you will basically have to book for an open water training so that you can get certified. This is also another place where you will find the best in terms of training for scuba diving. There are a number of trainers whom you will certainly fall in love with here because they train you on matters diving as if they are not interested in your money but interested in you going home with some diving skills crucial for scuba diving experience in Ontario.

You Always Need a Wet Suit When Diving in Sites with Cold Water

You Always Need a Wet Suit When Diving in Sites with Cold Water

Most swimmers have vast ideas on the different types of wet suits. In that case, they know that wet suits are useful when divers are making a dive basically because they protect the body from coming into direct contact with the ocean, river and lake water. Now, this is basically one of the common use of a wet suit. However, different wets suits are meant for different purposes. How about a wetsuit for cold water? Sometimes, you will visit a diving site and you will realize that the water is so cold than you could have imagined. When in such a circumstance, you will basically need a wet suit for cold water.

What are the advantages of wearing wet suits for cold water?

There are a number of advantages that one will enjoy when he/she is wearing wetsuits specifically for cold water. The first advantage is that it will insulate you from coming into contact with the cold water at sea. Cold water could mean that the water is freezing and diving will turn to instant death when your body is frozen. Wet suits are designed with a rubber like material to prevent water from entering and coming into contact with your body. The zippers and the seals makes sure that the openings are seals. The water is basically locked out.

Secondly, wearing wet suits for cold water helps in maintain your body temperature. The heat produced by your body during the diving and paddling activity does not escape from your wet suits designed for cold water. Instead, these types of suits will ensure that your body temperature is kept for a longer period as possible so that your body may not get number or freeze. Cold water may numb your body to a point where you may not even move your body; you will eventually suffer from frost bites and sometimes it will even cause death if not rescued on time.

Where to get wetsuits for cold water

With all these advantages, you need to have two types of swim suits. One for normal water diving and another one for cold water diving. If you are wondering where to get the wet suits for cold water then worry no more because even the online retail stores have these types of swim suits. All you need to do is order and make payments and it will be delivered. Your diving will be more fun if you swim in the right swim suit.

Canada has the Best Diving Sites and it is upon you to choose the Best

Canada has the Best Diving Sites and it is upon you to choose the Best

It might be that you are planning to visit Canada as international tourist from other parts of the world. On the other hand, you might have been living in Canada and you have suddenly thought of going for diving somewhere in Canada. With that idea in mind you ought to be aware of those best places where you can go a very good diving experience in Canada. There are a number of places where you can go a get the best diving experienced in Canada. Given a list of the best diving in Canada, you will then be in a position to decide those places that you feel like are good for you to do your diving.

The most popular diving site in Canada is the Brockville, Ontario

This might be your first time hearing about this but it is indeed one of the popular places where you can get the best diving in Canada. Many divers who have had an opportunity to do there diving here have given very positive feedbacks regarding how it feel to dive here. This place is popular because it basically lies in the St. Lawrence River. Remember that St. Lawrence has deep river bed and on top of that this waterway is historically known for having experienced so many ship wrecks. The presence of ships that wrecked in the yester years is what makes this place the best diving in Canada.

You can even go to a much deeper water way like the Kingston River (sea way). This situated at the northern shores of Lake Ontario. Besides being deep for diving, you will also see so many ship wrecks which are good as far as harboring a shoal of different fishes are concerned. The water is so clear that you don’t need to strain so much to look for that which you want. On the other hand, there a number of foreign bodies that were sunk intentionally just to make people attracted to this place.

Other that diving to see intentionally sunk bodies like cars, the Barkley Sound in British Columbia is also another best diving site in Canada where you will get to view the six gill fish, star fish, seals, sea lions and other sea animals just at one dive. Now with these best diving in Canada, I believe that you will accrue the best experiences that will last until when your memory will have shut down.

What is the Canadian Diving Association and what is it all about?

What is the Canadian Diving Association and what is it all about?

Just like any other association, the Canadian Diving Association has its objectives, mission as well as vision. In other words, it is an association whose mandate is to see to it that all under water diving policies are checked and met at all time. This is an organization that was formerly known as the Association of Canadian Underwater Councils. It is a non-profit organization meaning they are not here to make money of benefit from any services they offer or from any proceeds they get from offering such services. In that case, it is important to be aware of their mandates as far as Canadian Diving Association is concerned.

Mandates of Canadian Diving Association

Being aware of their mandate is crucial because it will help you in answering the question, “What is Canadian Diving Association?” In that case, let’s go straight to the core mandates being carried out by the Canadian Diving Association. The first Mandate of the Canadian Diving Association is to ensure that all the diving rules and regulations are adopted by divers and diving institutions. Considering that there are rules and regulations that must be followed by divers, instructors as well institutions which offer diving service need to follow the rules and regulations at all. Rules and regulation being enforced include, the need for right diving facilities. These facilities are gas masks, tanks, diving gear and other. The vessels use for diving must also meet the standards set by the association.

The Canadian Diving Association is also mandated with ensuring that all safety regulations are followed by all divers and diving instructors. In that case, the other mandate of this organization is to train both instructors and divers as far as the need to dive safely is concerned. Safety during diving is therefore one of the core objective behind the formation of the Canadian Diving Association.

The third mandate of this association is also registering divers, diving instructors and companies which purport to manufacture diving gear as well as diving vessel. It is only through registration of diving professionals that safety can be accessed, rules and regulations can be imposed and penalties mounted on those that defy those rules. This has made sure that each and every diving professional becomes responsible and accountable for any action related to diving. If you are a diver, then never ask again about what Canadian Diving Association is but prepare yourself for registering with them and get trained on safety and other topics related to diving.

Ontario is a Diving Province worth Visiting when in Canada and has Great Diving Sites

Ontario is a Diving Province worth Visiting when in Canada and has Great Diving Sites

There are a number of things that will differentiate between diving in Ontario and diving in other parts of the world. I am very sure that those tourist who have been to Ontario will tell you that it is very serene place good for diving because of a number of reasons. Those reasons that were shared are just hear says but here are real and concrete information regarding why Ontario is the best place for doing your diving for fun or for other reasons.

The sources of great diving in Ontario

This will answer why diving in Ontario is so great as compared to other parts of the world. The first great thing about Ontario is that it has fresh waters. Diving is always enjoyable when the water around is fresh. You will always agree with me that no diver loves to dive in salty water because of the fact that salty water means less oxygen for free divers. Ontario has extensive waters with fresh waters and there is no point in time where you will get to be deprived of enough oxygen even if you have decided to go free diving.

Secondly, Ontario is one of the place with wonderful water temperatures that runs throughout the year. The water temperatures means that divers will not need to wear extra protective cloths to protect them against cold. In fact, you can even go diving with ordinary cloth. The water temperatures around diving site in Ontario are normally at around 20 C and this is basically the room temperature that makes a human being comfortable. This is good news for you because the water you will be diving in will be so sweet and not cold.

Thirdly, Ontario is one of the province with a lot of water ways, rivers and lakes. These water bodies are connected to the vast sea. In the past, the waterways have been known to provide no good condition for the ships to pass through. With that, most of the ships that passed through the water ways did not make it and some even sunk just at the wreck section. The wrecks provides the best place to go diving and in fact, most divers love to dive in Ontario just because of the waterways and even the wrecks. Ship wrecks provides spectacular sights for divers to want to dive down there.